Call for 2 pre-doc positions at the Centre for Climate Change (C3), University Rovira i Virgili, Geography Dept., Campus Terres de l’Ebre, Tortosa, Spain

The Centre for Climate Change (C3), set up by University Rovira i Virgili (URV) at the Campus Terres de l’Ebre in Tortosa (Catalonia – Spain) invites applications for two pre-doc positions in the fields of climatology, analysis of variability and climate change, and quality control and homogeneity of climate data.
Below there are listed the 4 research topics of C3's interest for carrying out a PhD, although topic 1 and 2 are prioritised and, therefore, they are more suitable to be granted:
1. Climate extremes in Euro-CORDEX simulations: current status and future projections
2. Instrumental climate change and variability in Central Pyrenees and relationship with climate proxy reconstructions
3. The impact of climate change on the tourism os the Spanish Mediterranean regions
4. Application and assessment of Homogenization methods to benchmark databases.
Deadline: January 10, 2014
Duration: 7 months, extendable to 36 months
Date of incorporation: February 1, 2014
Full Information at:
The PhD students have to join the URV’s Doctorate Program in Climate Change. Admission to this program will be required to complete the grant. Good English language skills are a prerequisite.
The C3 (, although initially composed of a small but successful and enthusiastic team, has recognised expertise in the fields of:
- Climate data rescue techniques and procedures, including digitisation and homogenisation.
- Development of high-quality climate datasets at different spatial (from national, regional to continental) and temporal (from sub-daily to monthly) scales.
- Reconstruction and analysis of instrumental climate variability, both in the mean and extreme states of the climate.
- Climate change detection and attribution studies.
It has also strong links with prestigious European and North American research centres and cooperates with international bodies and agencies in their climate activities, including capacity building in the fields of expertise of C3. Applicants
will have the opportunity to work in a stimulating and interactive environment. Enthusiastic and motivated applicants are, then, particularly welcome.
The C3 is located in the pleasant and hospitable town of Tortosa, near Ebro’s Delta Nature Reserve and gate to the Ports de Beseit, the highest Tarragona’s mountains and a place of outstanding beauty.

Place for submitting applications:
- Departament of Geography - Rovira i Virgili University.
- Address: C/Joanot Martorell, 15. 43480 - Vila-seca (Tarragona)

To formalise applications, email to:, or

To get further info on the positions’ profile, email to: (Topic 1), (Topic 2), (Topic 3) and (Topic 4)

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