The 14th Plinius Conference on Mediterranean Storms - MEDEX Final Conference

The 14th Plinius Conference on Mediterranean Storms will be held together with the MEDEX Final Conference in the city of Palma de Mallorca (Spain), from the 13th to the 16th of November 2012.
The 14th Plinius Conference on Mediterranean Storms is the continuation of the series of EGU Topical Plinius Conferences. The Plinius Conferences on Mediterranean Storms were born in 1999, as an initiative of Prof. Franco Siccardi (CIMA, Italy), with the support of the EGU Natural Hazards Division, in those times directed by Maria Carmen Llasat (UB, Spain). The Plinius Conferences are interdisciplinary meetings in which the exchange of new ideas and results about the Mediterranean Storms and their hydrological, geological, marine or social consequences takes place.
During years the Plinius Conferences have been associated with the project MEDEX. MEDEX has been an international project on cyclones that produce high impact weather in the Mediterranean, endorsed by WMO-WWRP in its first phase and framed into the WMO-WWRP-THORPEX during its second phase. The objectives and topics of the Plinius Conferences and of MEDEX largely overlap. Most MEDEX results have been presented at the Plinius Conferences and various MEDEX meetings have been held during them. MEDEX finished in 2010 and now is time for a Final Conference on MEDEX. The committee found it convenient to have this final conference together with the Plinius Conference.
The Plinius Conferences are usually organised in sessions, according to specific topics. The topics foreseen for this 14th edition are:
- Social impacts of the Mediterranean storms.
- Mediterranean storms monitoring.
- Diagnosis and prediction of the Mediterranean storms.
- Hydrometeorology and hydrology of the Mediterranean storms
- Geological and marine consequences of the Mediterranean storms.
A special session will be devoted to a compilation or review about MEDEX scientific achievements.
If possible, some time would be reserved for an initial debriefing of the HyMeX SOP1, the first field phase of the HyMeX, which will be finished by the beginning of November.
The joint 14th Plinius Conference on Mediterranean storms and MEDEX Final Conference is co-organised by the Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) and the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) and has the support of the EGU Natural Hazards Division and the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO).
A tentative time schedule for this joint 14th Plinius Conference and MEDEX Final Conference is as follows:
- Second call for contributions, including venue, procedures for submission of abstracts and for registration and other details, 6 July 2012
- Deadline for abstract submission: 20 September 2012
- Acceptance of abstracts and oral/poster distribution: 5 October 2012
- Programme definition: 15 October 2012
- Deadline for earlier registration: 2 November 2012
- Joint conference: 13-16 November 2012
Science Programme Committee:
- Agusti Jansa (Spain), Chairman
- Pinhas Alpert (Israel)
- Giorgio Boni (Italy)
- Fausto Guzzetti (Italia)
- Vassiliki Kotroni (Greece)
- Maria Carmen Llasat (Spain)
- Alberto Mugnai (Italy)
- Climent Ramis (Spain)
- Evelyne Richard (France)
- Franco Siccardi (Italy)
- Eric A. Smith (United States)
- Stefano Tinti (Italy)
- Gregory J. Tripoli (United States)
Organising Committee:
- Agusti Jansa, Chairman
- Joan Campins
- Jose Antonio Guijarro
- Victor Homar
- Maria Angeles Picornell
- Climent Ramis
- Romualdo Romero
(We apologize for any multiplicity in the distribution)