The main objective of the thematic network CLIVAR-España is to promote and coordinate the Spanish contribution to the CLIVAR (Climate Variability and Predictability) programme.

The scientific objectives of CLIVAR-España are the same as those of CLIVAR:

o To describe and understand the physical processes responsible for climate variability and predictability on seasonal, interannual, decadal, and centennial time-scales, through the collection and analysis of observations and the development and application of models of the coupled climate system, in cooperation with other relevant climate-research and observing programmes.
o To extend the record of climate variability over the time-scales of interest through the assembly of quality-controlled paleoclimatic and instrumental data sets.
o To extend the range and accuracy of seasonal to interannual climate prediction through the development of global coupled predictive models.
o To understand and predict the response of the climate system to increases of radiatively active gases and aerosols and to compare these predictions to the observed climate record in order to detect the anthropogenic modification of the natural climate signal.

Moreover, the thematic network CLIVAR-España has the following specific objectives:
o Strengthen the Spanish research on climate.
o Provide a scientific reference to help improving the quality of Spanish research on CLIVAR themes and aid the participation of Spanish researchers in international organizations and publications.
o Form a group able to engage a dialogue with the Science and Education Ministry with a view to contribute on the formulation of the National Plan for Climate which includes the CLIVAR themes and lobby for adequate funds (comparable to neighbouring countries).
o Raise the profile of CLIVAR research in the socio-economic aspects such as quality of life, terrestrial and marine ecosystems, electricity and water management.
o Constitute a forum for information useful to CLIVAR researchers in Spain, facilitate access to publications, software, data, information on employment, studentships, etc.
o Identify strategic lines of research in CLIVAR themes currently not pursued and which could be strengthened by better access to information and communication between scientists.